How do we help residents Live More<sup>®</sup>?
How do we help residents Live More®?

Think More®. It helps you Live More®.

It’s a way of thinking at The Hearth®.

Like physical fitness, brain fitness can be improved through various activities. Engaging in a structured, brain-challenging exercise group can contribute to helping you become more mentally fit. So, if you want a fitter brain, join Think More®   and  Live More® !

Through Think More®  , brain fitness can be maintained or improved by keeping you intellectually engaged in life, continuing to learn, and participating in exercises that challenge cognitive skills. In addition, taking part in Think More®   isn't the only brain-healthy habit you can form! Getting regular mental stimulation, physical exercise, good nutrition, stress management, and sleep can all help to improve and maintain overall brain health.

  • Animated Arrow for QuestionsCross-Training for Your Brain

    Just as you can cross-train your body for strength, speed, flexibility, and balance, you can also cross-train your brain to achieve peak mental functioning. The challenges in the Think More®      program are designed to stimulate six essential cognitive domains, combining to give the brain the same type of comprehensive workout the body gets from a cross-training program at the gym.

    Additionally, Think More®      offers a great opportunity to socialize with other residents of the same cognitive functioning in a small group setting. This often results in long lasting friendships.

  • Animated Arrow for QuestionsThink More® Sessions

    • Offered in small learning groups led by trained facilitators
    • Interactive, facilitator-led brain exercises, not passive, low-engagement computer programs 
    • Scheduled twice weekly for each group
    • Cover topics such as geography, art, culture, inventions, history, current events, health, sports, entertainment, math, and science
    • Offered to all Hearth Senior Living and Keepsake Village residents
    • Offered and fine-tuned since 2009 and are designed to exercise all areas of the brain.
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